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A brand new fundraising, real time donation tracking tool to help you or your organization raise money. Collect money for any kind of event, set up "MyFundit" widgets to raise money for a special needs rescue animal, raise money for a favorite charity, medical issue, the fundraising uses are endless. Upload you own photo and link that photo to a website or not the choice is yours. "MyFundit" keeps track of all the donations you get in real time if made by credit card and works with Pay Pal. Donations can also be accepted using checks or money orders, you just go in and manually add them to the total, donations made using credit cards are automatically updated the instant the donation is made and the monies are added to your Pay Pal account!! Best of all it is FREE to use!

♥ For each "MyFundit" widget created, users have a fundraising page to share!
♥ You have your own very easy to use admin area and everything is done from there.
♥ Donations can be setup to reset to $0 each month or just keep running forever.
♥ You can set your fundraiser to shut off when your goal is reached or keep taking donations.
♥ There are no time limits, your fundraiser runs until you deactivate it.
♥ You can make and use as many as you want and customize colors to match any website.
♥ Others can copy and paste your widget to their website to help you raise money!
♥ Anyone using your widget on their website can customize colors to match their website.
♥ Always free, no limits on how many you create, makes fundraising QUICK, EASY and FUN!!!!

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** Any donations this site receives will be given to a rescue via a contest held when enough funds are available to make it viable. Type of contest and date to be announced. ***The cuties in the banner are my adopted furkids!

PPPR Featured MyFundit

Precious Pals Pet Rescue is fundraising to help cover the costs of their newest saved pets. Please help by donating whatever you can afford. You can help them by putting their widget on your site, just click the + sign, copy the code and paste it on your site!